Station Inn Annual Rock-Jam 2017 – Live Music Photography

Mark Holden from Less is More singing
Mark Holden – Less is More
Rock Jam 2017 - Station Inn Andover
Rock Jam 2017 – Station Inn Andover

I came across this unpublished draft and thought that I should finish it and get it published – it is only a year late.

The Station Inn, Andover, annual Rock-Jam took place on the 7th January 2017.  Organised by Mark Holden of the band ‘Less is More’ and the staff of the Station Inn, the event raises funds for charity.  It is a great opportunity for the members of local bands to get together for an evening of live covers performance and to socialise with members of bands that they may seldom, if ever, get to meet.


Mark organises the set-list and then, during the event, identifies performers to put together a workable band.  He has a rule that no more than 3 members of a single band can perform together at any one time (although this tends to get broken as the evening leads to more and more performers joining each set with everyone on stage at the end).


This rule ensures an edge to the performance that would not normally be there and also that no single band features unduly.


As the evening wears on and the drink flows the atmosphere is, as always, electric, exciting and full of meetings with new people and new bands.  The event has become an unmissable feature of the New Year.


More images from this event can be found here, images from previous events from my collection are also here and my website here.


Band members came from ‘One in the Chamber’, ‘Nailed’, ‘Less is More’, ‘Reload’, ‘Black Dog’, ‘Sketches of Sound’, ‘Reluctant Sons’, ‘Stonepig’ and ‘Common Ground’ among others.


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