Holly and Jonathan – Engagement shoot – Nick Tynan Photography

Holly and Joffy wedding - pre-wedding shoot 140713 0004The couple, Holly and Joffy, travelled across to south western France a few days prior to their wedding from their home in the west of England. They stayed in the lovely setting of Sacgites, in Sac St Romain. Charente, which would also be the venue for the wedding ceremony. I arranged to meet them as soon after their arrival as possible so that I could discuss their preferences, their photographic likes and dislikes and to identify a number of alternative weather dependent locations for shooting. In addition I planned to carry out a short engagement shoot so that we could get to know each other with the camera between us. Although this was July the weather had been very stormy and unpredictable so the alternative locations were absolutely essential.

When I arrived for the meeting, on a dull and sunless afternoon, the details of the wedding ceremony location and the probable position of the sun and therefore of shade (if the weather changed) was still in a state of flux. The couple had yet to decide where to seat the guests (family members) and place the humanist wedding celebrant so that all would be out of the sun (if by then it condescended to shine). They were pleased to take a break from the preparations and talk with me for a few minutes. This was definitely time well spent.

Just before I left them and they returned to their hectic preparations I sat them quietly on a set of flower fringed stone steps and we created some intimate images. The pictures show the relief that a few minutes calm, when the pressure is on, can make.

Holly and Joffy wedding - pre-wedding shoot 140713 0001