Carole COLLAUDIN – Artiste

Images of the artist at her exhibition of paintings and sculpture entitled A l’Orée (on the edge) in the GALERIE DU CAVEAU – Union de Producteurs de Saint-Emilion.

Images de l’artiste lors de son exposition de peintures et de sculptures intitulée A l’Orée à la GALERIE DU CAVEAU – Union de Producteurs de Saint-Emilion.

Sylvine Muraro – Peintre

Sylvine Muraro is an artist who creates images of imagined landscapes from locations she has seen. Her contact with the canvas is bold, often carried out directly with her hands. She allowed me to catch her image during her vernissage for her exhibition at the Gallery of the Union de Producteurs de Saint-Emilion.

Sylvine Muraro est une artiste qui crée des images de paysages imaginés à partir de lieux qu’elle a vus. Son contact avec la toile est audacieux, souvent effectué directement avec ses mains. Elle m’a permis de prendre son image lors de son vernissage pour son exposition à la Galerie de l’Union des Producteurs de Saint-Emilion.

Detail from the image above

Saint-Emilion on a winter evening

City images in and around Saint-Emilion, Gironde. The beautiful sandstone that forms the bulk of the city glows with the setting sun and, as winter evenings close in, people vanish from the streets.

Images de la ville de Saint-Emilion et de Gironde. Le beau grès qui forme la majeure partie de la ville brille avec le soleil couchant et, à l’approche des soirées d’hiver, les gens disparaissent des rues.

Elisabeth Hoffmann – Artiste/Artist

Images de l’artiste Elisabeth Hoffmann, avec deux de ses tableaux grand format, exposés jusqu’à fin janvier à la galerie de l’Union des Producteurs de Saint-Emilion.

Images of the artist Elisabeth Hoffmann, with two of her large format paintings, exhibiting at the Union des Producteurs de Saint-Emilion gallery until the end of January.

Elisabeth Hoffmann – facebook – @elisabethhoffmannartwork


Mark Holden from Less is More singing

Station Inn Annual Rock-Jam 2017 – Live Music Photography

Mark Holden from Less is More singing
Mark Holden – Less is More

I came across this in the drafts folder and thought that it was about time that I published it – only one year late.  The 2017 Station Inn, Andover, annual Rock-Jam took place on the 7th January.

Rock Jam 2017 - Station Inn Andover

It was organised by Mark Holden of Band ‘Less is More’ and the staff of the Station Inn.  It is a great opportunity for the members of local bands to get together for an evening of live ‘covers’ performances and to socialise with members of bands that they may seldom, if ever, see or get to meet.


Mark organises a set-list and then identifies performers to put together a workable band.  He has a rule that no more than 3 members of a single band can perform together at any one time (although this tends to get broken as the evening leads to more and more performers joining each set with everyone on stage at the end).


The rule ensures an edge to the performance that would not normally be there and also that no single band features unduly.


As the evening wears on and the drinks flow the atmosphere is, as always, electric, exciting and full of meetings with new people and new bands.  For me the event had always been unmissable and set the New Year off to a positive start.


More images from this event can be found here, images from previous events from my collection are here.


Bands this year included ‘One in the Chamber’, ‘Nailed’, ‘Less is More’, ‘Reload’, ‘Black Dog’, ‘Sketches of Sound’, ‘Reluctant Sons’, ‘Stonepig’ and ‘Common Ground’ among others.


Business head-shot – Natural light

Carol CapperThis simple, but effective, portrait was shot with minimum preparation and the absolute minimum of equipment. I used natural light and a camera in a most surprising location. During a business fair I was ‘Networking’ (chatting) with a Freelance Business owner about web-presence and the need for good, up to date head-shots. It transpired that Carol had not updated her on-line image for a while. Grabbing the opportunity with both hands we decided to get a shot immediately.

The Business Fair was held in the ground-floor room of a beautiful Georgian Guildhall. The building has high ceilings, light walls and a sweeping staircase to the first floor. The stairwell has a huge, bright, north-facing window that gathers the soft light reflected from the exterior walls of a modern, concrete and glass shopping centre.

We took up positions on the stairs with the light flooding in from behind and to my right. Carol was seated on the steps above where I crouched. A couple of position changes and it was done.